DIMA Design Studio: Design Process


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“I’m Thinking of Going Owner-Builder…”

Owner building, in Victoria, is a process allowing owners to continue to build or renovate their own homes even if they are not registered builders. However, this also transfers the responsibility of ensuring your home is safe and structurally sound from a registered and experienced builder onto yourself.

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Hoi An Vietnam Panorama

Holiday Break 2017-18

Merry Christmas,

We are taking a break to refresh over Christmas and the new year, and will be out of the office from 25th of December until the 5th of January. If you need to contact us over this period please do so via email for non-urgent matters. We will be responding to emails at a slower pace over this period and will ensure we attend to all non-urgent matters on Jan 8 when we return.

Thanks for being a part of DIMA Design Studio in 2017.

Matt & Dinesh.

Evacuation Diagram

Geelong Evacuation Diagrams

DIMA Design Studio now offers evacuation diagrams, complementing our building design services.

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