How to Select Consultants for Your Project: Time, Cost, Quality

For most people there are 3 main priotities which they will have for their project

Time: Ensuring the project is completed in as short of a timeframe as possible
Cost: Keeping costs to a minimum
Quality: Ensuring all design & documentation is fit for purpose, legible, and free from errors or omissions

When selecting consultants for your project, it is best to focus on the two most important requirements for your needs. This is because it is difficult to find consultants who are above average in all 3 areas. The reason for this is that each of these areas are related and will have an impact on each other. To complete work faster than average, it can cost a consultant more in labour or overheads which they may pass on, and there may be less time for checking. To complete work cheaper than average, a less experienced individual may be used. To complete work at a higher quality level than average, it may require more time spent designing, documenting and checking, which will also have labour costs.


Quality & Cost

At DIMA, this is our default option for selecting consultants for most projects. Ensuring quality work is obtained at a fair price provides the best value to most clients. Timeframe is still an important consideration, but it isn’t the primary basis for selecting consultants. The time estimates we provide are based on going down this path. Because quality is important for all projects, we call choosing ‘Quality & Cost’ priotising Value

Time & Quality

At DIMA, this is a common option for selecting consultants when there is a set short timeframe to stick to. This may be due to availability of builders, contracts, rental agreements, getting in before Christmas, or many other reasons. Cost is still a consideration, but it can sometimes cost a little more to acheive shorter than average time requirements. Because quality is important for all projects, we call choosing ‘Time & Quality’ priotising Timeframe

Time & Cost

At DIMA, we typically try to avoid this option. If quality is lacking it is very easy for mistakes to be made, which ultimately costs both time and money. While it can seem cost effective to use cheap, quick and low quality consultants at first, further down the track it is often no longer the case. Because quality is important for all projects, we call choosing ‘Time & Cost’ Cheap and Quick, which is usually a bad idea

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