How to Select Consultants for Your Project: Time, Cost, Quality

For most people there are 3 main priotities which they will have for their project

Time: Ensuring the project is completed in as short of a timeframe as possible
Cost: Keeping costs to a minimum
Quality: Ensuring all design & documentation is fit for purpose, legible, and free from errors or omissions

When selecting consultants for your project, it is best to focus on the two most important requirements for your needs.

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“I’m Thinking of Going Owner-Builder…”

Owner building, in Victoria, is a process allowing owners to continue to build or renovate their own homes even if they are not registered builders. However, this also transfers the responsibility of ensuring your home is safe and structurally sound from a registered and experienced builder onto yourself.

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Why Choose DIMA | Design In Mind Architects

DIMA is a small architecture studio which loves helping people to create their dream homes

Client Focused

We are driven to provide the best outcome for our clients. A project brief is created based on your requirements, which is continually updated as we progress through the design and documentation process, and gather further information about your lifestyle. We’ll always share our expertise, help to steer you away from any obstructions or problems, and work towards resolving your needs, first and foremost.

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Custom Designed Home Vs Volume Builder: What Is the Cost? (Part I)

Money House

If you were looking to build a home, would your first stop be with a building designer/architect or a volume builder? I am biased (I won’t tell you which way), but here is my comparison between an architect’s custom home and a volume builder’s project house. It is centred on everybody’s favourite topic… Money.

There are good reasons to build a custom home (unique design) or a project home (off-the-plan & volume built), with each having benefits over the other. Those believing that one is cheaper than the other will find that it is not that simple.


The cost of constructing your home is the main concern of most potential home builders.

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