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DIMA is a small architecture studio which loves helping people to create their dream homes

Client Focused

We are driven to provide the best outcome for our clients. A project brief is created based on your requirements, which is continually updated as we progress through the design and documentation process, and gather further information about your lifestyle. We’ll always share our expertise, help to steer you away from any obstructions or problems, and work towards resolving your needs, first and foremost.

Design Oriented 
Design is about solving problems and creating something unique, which is a key part of what we offer. Each project is as unique as its siting, climate and occupants, so we don’t begin with any preconceived ideas.

Our vast knowledge of the building and planning regulations allows us to provide design ideas which are outside of the box and use the full potential of any site. There are many rules and regulations in the building industry which are viewed as having rigid design answers, but we are able to observe them with alternative resolutions which better suit each project.

Fee Transparency
Architects or Building Designer’s fees are notoriously difficult to compare. Some charge a percentage of build-cost, some hourly rates, while others fees are based on a combination of methods.

Our fees are all based on a fixed price which encompasses everything required of us to deliver the final project. Our fees won’t increase based on your build cost, and prices for additional services are available from the beginning, so that you know exactly what they will cost if you decide they are worthwhile later. We also include many services which would be unknown quantities or hidden in many other fee structures, such as design changes, planning reports and negotiating/liaising with authorities & consultants.

Director, Matt Arnott, is registered with the ARBV as a registered architect. He is also registered with the Victorian Building Authority as a ‘Registered Building Practitioner (Architectural)’. All services are fully insured, allowing us to provide assistance with projects of all types and scales.

(Blog Article Last Revised Oct 2019)

Registered Architect & Registered Building Designer from Geelong, Victoria

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