Subdividing & Developing

Whether you are thinking of adding a unit to the rear of your own house, or whether you are considering a 20 unit development, there are some requirements which you will need to be aware of before deciding to subdivide or develop land.


The first thing to consider is your zoning which sets out the rules for developing land. Some zones discourage high & medium density developments, whilst others (particularly inner city areas or which are in close proximity to public transport) encourage development. The zoning also sets out the rulebook for all of the requirements of your development.


These requirements include parking, storage, overshadowing, enclosed yard space, among many other things. If your zoning encourages development, you will still need to ensure that you are able to satisfy these requirements. Constraints on the design will include your lot size, any existing structures which are to remain & services/utilities. Great design will assist in maximising the value of your development, ensuring a high level of quality and livability to the units themselves.

Town Planning

Almost all development projects will need to go through the town planning process prior to being able to obtain building permits and construct. At DIMA we can assist with the entire town planning process. We supply not only the drawings which you will require for your town planning submission, but also the reports & additional information.


Feel free to make contact if you would like to discuss in more detail with A Registered Architect & Building Practitioner. At DIMA all of our designs are site specific because every single site is completely different. This allows us to help maximise the value of every site.

Registered Architect & Registered Building Designer from Geelong, Victoria

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